Glad it’s over

Dear Editor: 

The phosphate mine is dead! 

This is such great news! After over six years of working to stop the phosphate mine, victory was finally reached Thursday night!  Carol Mosley summed up everything in an article on Facebook. What she didn’t mention was that she spent thousands of hours doing research, making and studying public records requests, writing articles, speaking at commission meetings, and most importantly, never giving up! 

Carol performed a yeoman’s job! While there were many people involved in opposing and working on killing this asinine project, Carol deserves a tremendous amount of gratitude and credit for her unending dedication!  Thank you, Carol!

In the paper, you will see a picture of some of those involved.  I was surprised to see that some county commissioners are in the picture. Most of them sat by and did little to support or even listen to Carol, hiding behind a “quasi-judicial” order that allowed them to remain silent.  Even worse, they let the county manager, county attorney, Hampton attorney, school board attorney (all the same person) do nothing! He ignored requests, or provided little information or misinformation when it was requested from him.  It appeared he had something to hide and was protecting the “mine.” 

Thank you, Scott Kornegay, for taking this matter seriously and reviewing the facts to protect our county. 

Many others in Bradford, Union, Alachua, and Baker counties participated in protecting our county, and all deserve a standing ovation and round of applause. Bradford County is in your debt! I am so glad this appears to be over, and the residents of  Bradford County prevailed!


Tom Germano