Black Creek pipeline bid approved

During its Sept. 13 meeting, The St. Johns River Water Management District Governing Board approved a $38.8 million bid to construct the Black Creek Water Resource Development Project pipeline.

The project will divert up to 10 million gallons per day from the creek during wet-weather, high-flow periods. The water will be pumped through a 17-mile pipeline before eventually discharging into Alligator Creek.  Alligator Creek flows into Lake Brooklyn, which is a recharge point for the Upper Floridan Aquifer.

In July, the board approved a separate agreement to construct the project’s pumps and intake apparatus near the intersection of the creek’s south prong and State Road 16.

The district’s director of projects, Dale Jenkins, said the final section of the project, a water treatment system at the southern end of the pipeline, is still being designed.

The Telegraph-Times-Monitor will have more on this story later.