Newberry coach gets suspended sentence

Geronnie Rollins testifies in his trial last week. Also pictured is County Judge Mitchell D. Bishop.

A Newberry football coach convicted of three misdemeanors last week by a Union County jury was sentenced to a 30-day suspended jail term yesterday by County Judge Mitchell D. Bishop.

Geronnie Rollins was also sentenced to six months’ probation and ordered to serve 50 hours of community service. If Rollins fulfills the sentence’s community service and probation requirements, he will not do jail time.

On Sept. 7, a six-member jury convicted Rollins of trespassing, resisting an officer and interfering with a school function for his actions during a Union County High School football game.

Assistant State Attorney Bruce Helling told jurors that after Rollins was ejected from the game, he refused to leave. Union deputies detained Rollins on the sideline, escorted him off the field and released him to Alachua County law enforcement.

The Telegraph-Times-Monitor will have more on this story later.