Who do you represent?

Dear Editor:

Is Sen. Jennifer Bradley too busy taking care of $161 billion Florida Power & Light to look out for the voters who put her into office?

Bradley introduced Senate Bill 1024 into the Florida Legislature. The bill would slash the amount FP&L pays homeowners for the power they generate from their rooftop solar panels by 75%! The legislation was drafted by FP&L and delivered to her by an FP&L lobbyist. Two days after that, a political committee affiliated with Bradley received a $10,000 contribution from FP&L’s parent company, NextEra Energy. Last December, the committee received a second $10,000 contribution.

Now, it should be noted there’s nothing illegal with a political committee receiving money from a corporation. However, do Bradley’s actions, which would take money out of the pockets of her constituents and put it into the pocket of multibillion dollar FP&L pass the “smell test?” I think not.

Read the full investigative report for yourself at: cnn.com/2022/01/23/politics/Florida-solar-industry.

And, if solar panels are such a bad thing for Florida Power & Light, why has it announced plans to build 30 million solar panels by the end of the decade? Seems they must think what’s good for a huge multibillion-dollar utility that can shower our legislators with thousands of dollars isn’t good for the little guy.

Ken Scheffler