Where are our lights?

Dear Editor:

Well, after several conversations, the DOT admitted that it was a mistake that we have no lighting at the S.R. 100 and S.R. 16 exits on the bypass, and that, on all future projects like ours, lighting will be part of the project.

So, my natural question was, exactly when will we get our lights, since you have admitted they should have been part of the project? After promising me earlier that we would have lights this year, I have been told that it will be sometime in 2023 before we get lights. 

Fellow members of Bradford County, we are getting taken advantage of, and we need to take action. If you are tired of traveling on a very dark bypass and tired of being overlooked, then please do the following. Call our representative, Bobby Payne. His numbers are 966-6215, 386-312-2272, and 850-717-5019. Call Kathy Thomas and Larry Parks at DOT at 387-397-5748. Contact Gov. DeSantis by email at [email protected].

I have found that they will listen to you. But, we must get more people calling. I am tired of being overlooked.

Wayne Blankenship