Vote in the mid-terms

Dear Editor:

For those of us who lived during the ‘70s we remember the long gas lines, financial instability, Iran hostages, and saying that there would never be a president as bad as Jimmy Carter. We were all wrong because we now have one who makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, you could never have realized one administration could have done so much damage in so short a time. It is clear that someone else is calling the shots. When Trump left, Biden did away with all that he had done to make us a very prosperous and secure nation. We were energy independent with prices around $2 per gallon, but now we are not, and gas prices are around $4 and rising. Our borders were secure, and now illegals are pouring over the border in record numbers with no supervision. Criminals knew if they did wrong they would be punished, but now people commit crimes, knowing they will not be punished. Basically every left-wing, nutty policy is promoted.

We know what we have to do, and it comes with the mid-terms. Vote all these leaders out who support all these leftist ideas. We must realize that most of these leaders are not truthful in what they tell us before the elections. In the case of Democrats, they almost always vote 100% the way the party leader wants them to vote, no matter how much it damages its constituents. Thank God for Joe Manchin and Krysten Sienna, who have so far saved us from even further Biden decisions that could have damaged us even further. Let’s be smart with our vote; and Joe has definitely decided my vote for me as well as my decision of who is the worst president in our history. Let’s vote them all out.

Wayne Blankenship