Union leader praises outgoing school board members

Clay Education Association President Vicki Kidwell thanks outgoing school board members Janice Kerekes and Tina Bullock for supporting teachers. Photo: Clay County Public Schools video.

 The president of the Clay Education Association thanked two outgoing school board members for standing up for teachers.

Vicki Kidwell said Tina Bullock and Janice Kerekes have always spoken out for instructors in Clay County.

“Teaching isn’t easy,” Kidwell said, “and seeing our school board members at school functions, reading to our kids, and speaking and listening to teachers makes a difference, more than you know.”

Kidwell added that she is grateful for Bullock’s and Kerekes’s unfailing support during their years of service.

“You took our phone calls,” she told the board members. “You responded to our emails, and you let us know that you valued us when other people didn’t.”

Both school board members were defeated in their re-election bids in August.

“I’m going to miss you,” Kidwell said. “I’m going to miss your goodwill and your unwavering support as we navigate the challenges ahead. You made a huge difference in so many lives.”