Today is Pastor Mike Moore Day


Telegraph Editor

STARKE – June 15 now and henceforth will be known as Pastor Mike Moore Day in the city of Starke.

City commissioners made the proclamation last week in recognition of Moore’s 16 years at First United Methodist Church of Starke. He is the longest tenured pastor of the historic church, which was established in 1863 just six years after the city’s founding. Moore began as pastor there in 2007.

In addition to his work as a pastor, which has included counseling local leaders and community members, the proclamation highlights other contributions including his football breakfasts, holiday events, prayer gatherings, and more.

The city stated Moore has had a “life changing influence on thousands of people throughout both the church and community, in hospital rooms, at gravesides, words and tears shared at funerals and memorials, in theological guidance and preaching, through his genuine words, heart-felt actions, and joyful spirit.”

The proclamation will be read in full at an event celebrating his retirement.