The Bradford County Master Gardener Program: Should you consider it?


UF/IFAS Bradford County Extension

At its core, Master Gardeners are volunteers – residents of Bradford County who aim to assist others in landscaping, gardening, cultivating edible fruits and vegetables, and beyond. 

The Florida Master Gardener Volunteer Program has been active since 1979. Annually, approximately 4,700 volunteers collectively contribute 420,000 hours of service, enriching their communities with knowledge, sustainability, and beauty. 

With training from the University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension, Master Gardener volunteers actively engage in their communities, providing leadership and guidance for gardening projects of various scales and types.

Locally in Bradford County, the Master Gardener Volunteer Program supports local groups and organizations in horticultural projects, offering advice on plant selection and maintenance. We also collaborate with Bradford County schools to cultivate foods in school gardens and educate youth on all things related to plants. You’ll find us at the Bradford County Fair, offering advice and recommendations for plant-related issues, and yes, even commiserating over the occasional plant casualty! 

Leveraging the resources of the University of Florida, we ensure you receive the answers you need, whether it’s about the best tomato variety suited for local conditions, identifying a mysterious caterpillar devouring your plants, or understanding the differences between dripline, drip tape, or soaker hose. And for the burning question – did UF create lovebugs? The short answer: No!

As Master Gardeners, we assist you in finding solutions to your horticultural queries and offer guidance for your gardening endeavors. As volunteers, we’re constantly seeking like-minded individuals who share our passion for educating others about gardening. 

To become a Bradford County Master Gardener volunteer, you’ll undergo an application process and training program, equipping you with the necessary tools and horticultural knowledge.

If you’re one of those like-minded individuals or enjoy volunteering to enhance the lives of your neighbors, and the Master Gardener Volunteer Program sounds appealing, then the answer is: Yes, you should consider joining! 

Annual training commences in May, and applications are open until April 1. Contact the UF/IFAS Bradford County Extension Office at 904-966-6299 for more details.