Thankful for emergency response, prayers

Dear Editor:

My name is Christian Lee. I am from Lake Butler, and March 18 will be three years ago that a tree fell on my car as I was on my way to work. No wind. No rain. The tree was a healthy, living tree.

It is my desire to put a “thank you” in the paper to all of the emergency workers who helped me; all of the people that have helped my family during this time, and especially for everybody who talked to Jesus on my behalf. Truly, I am a miracle of the Lord today!

They tell me that it took approximately 45-50 minutes to get me out. There were so many who worked to get me out, and even our sheriff worked so hard to set up for life flight to be able to land. I want to say “thank you,” as insignificant as those words seem, for all that they did.

Christian Lee