Students learn about heroes, unity

First-grade teacher Nina Steinmeyer and her students: Elijah Barnes, Addisyn Barrick, Judson Carter, Kaiser Clark, Adeline Dekorver, Marley Hayes, William Kahakua, Emarae Koehler, Darren Mailey, Clark Mills, Jensen Nipper, Piper Pagan, Allison Pringle, Mason Rhoden, Serenity Rocca and Jazayla Wright.

Nina Steinmeyer’s first-grade students at Starke Elementary School learned about Patriot Day and the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, during a weeklong discussion about heroes and the lives lost during those tragic events.

“ My students were very engaged in our lesson, and even went home to ask their parents where they were on September 11th. I feel it is important for this generation and future generations to know about these events, and how we came together in unity as a country,” Steinmeyer said. 

Each student contributed a piece to a classroom poster commemorating the date. 

“Our great nation came together after these events, just as my students did to honor all of the people affected,” she said, adding the class has a new appreciation of what a hero is how people can come together and support one another. 

“ Our class motto is , ‘We are a team, we stick together!’ Just like our country pulled together and heroes from all walks of life ran toward the twin towers, our class collectively came together to honor them all.”