School board slam dunk

Dear Editor:

School board elections are coming soon. The signs, like the weeds, will be all over the sides of the roads. One in particular is my focus. Lynn Melvin is running for District 5 school board seat. There are few slam dunks when it comes to elections and qualifications, but this time all the boxes are checked. Lynn has worked at every level in her career when it comes to schools-the classroom for many years and also as principals in both rural and Starke schools. Her children all attended Bradford County schools and her investment in our school system is second to none. I can only recall one other board member I would recommend as highly as Lynn, and that would be Vivian Chappell. Lynn will bring the same dedication and attention to detail as Vivian along with all of her experience in leading schools and teaching the curriculum. I worked with Lynn as a colleague and also with her as my principal. My observations are that she knows what our children need and how to support our staff and personnel in our county. The qualities and qualifications she would bring to our school board can only help our school system and children. I have to admit I am prejudiced for Lynn because having been around her the last 20 years I see her for the wonderful human being she is.  

Steve Acree