Riding Club responds

Dear Editor:

I would like to say to Bob Milner, Dale Woodruff, and the Bradford County Fair Association, shame on you for breaking kids dreams. You said the Bradford County Riding Club didn’t have many members and most were from out of county. That was true during COVID, but they were starting to come back. Bob Milner said the riders can go to other counties, but some can’t afford it.

The fair numbers are down and have been for years. If we would card everyone who attended the fair, you would see that a lot of people are from other counties; which apparently you don’t like.

What if the out-of-county people found out how you feel and decided not to participate in your fair? What if buyers for the Cattlemen and Swine Association who are from out of county decided not to buy? What would that do to the fair?

It is supposed to be about the kids, but | think it’s about the money. You claim the Bradford Riding Club never paid the Fair Association anything. That is another one of your lies! We paid half the water bill for years. Even when the Fair Association had a bad leak in the walls, we paid half that bill, which was over $5,000 dollars. | would like to know who got that money, since you claim we never paid anything.