Reading develops minds, builds bonds

Dear Editor,

I am reaching out to share the benefits of reading a minimum of 20 minutes per day to a child. Taking just 20 minutes out of the day to read every day can boost mental health.  Reading improves critical-thinking skills, language development skills, problem solving and reasoning. Reading 20 minutes a day can encourage children to ask more questions when they don’t understand concepts in the book or in real life. Children are naturally curious and exposing them to reading consistently will promote the ability to predict what will happen next and encourages a child to use their imagination and creative thinking. Intentional reading will grow and support cognitive development and help learn about various cultures, traditions, and uniqueness that they may have never heard or seen before. Not to mention developing a special bond with your child will create and cultivate a lifelong love of reading and help prepare a child for a future of academic success.

Pauline Smith

Little Rainbow’s Learning Center