Questions and more questions

Dear Editor:

How many calls for service has the Bradford County Fire Rescue had since Oct. 1, 2020? Out of those calls, how many structure fires? How many working fires?

On average, how many calls for services is Bradford County Fire Rescue doing each day? Are they responding to every EMS call alongside of rescue? How many self-dispatching calls for sources?

When logging out for training, is that entry counted as a call for services that day? How many calls for service has the city of Starke requested from BCFR? How many firefighters are on duty each day, and where are they located? How many supervisors are on duty 24 hours a day? Is it one supervisor per day?

How many times has the city of Starke been questioned for calls for service in the county since 10/1/2020? What is the vision plan for BCFR? Have they explained NFPA 1710? Standard for paid firefighters? What is the national average on bill collection for the EMS? Do rescues collect auto insurance? What was the collection percentage prior to using a third-party bill collector? How much does the county have to pay to the billing agency? On average, how many non-emergency transports does Bradford County EMS do? How many personnel are on duty each day?

Currently, EMS budget comes from general funds. BCFR also comes from general funds. If and when a special tax is implemented, will the county still have to fund either EMS or BCFR? Since all is one now, will money from bill collection go back to general funds? If not, will it be a part of it after fire tax?

Billy Rehberg