Please help Morgan’s House

Dear Editor:

I am writing everyone about Morgan’s House. This is a nonprofit organization which was formed to assist people with addictions and abuse by giving them temporary housing. Morgan’s House is a nonprofit organization inspired by the true story of a young woman with addictions and resulting mental illness. Morgan’s House is trying to help prevent these type of situations happening to more people of any age in the Northern Florida area and Lake Region.

The organization is setting up a property with nine to 10 houses stationed on it to provide emergency shelter and transitional housing for victims of addiction, abandonment, and abuse in the northeast Florida and Lake Region areas. They need at least 10 acres in Clay, Bradford or Putnam counties where they could place these homes.  

If you have at least 10 acres in these areas which you could donate or give them a super price, they would greatly appreciate it.

They would hire a professional appraiser to give evidence to the value of your donation so that you could use that with the IRS for a tax exemption. Please contact Elaine Gouin at 904-239-0183.


Elaine Gouin