Partnership in saving the world

Dear Editor:

Hello, this is Pastor Terry Clark with the River of Life Church here in Starke. I am writing this letter to ask for your partnership in changing the world! Yes, you read that right! Maybe you’re like us and have pondered the questions: How can I solve world hunger? How can I help make a difference in a world so big? What can I do to solve the orphan crisis in other nations? How can I offer health care and aid in countries where it’s simply not available? And, the list goes on. 

We ponder these questions, and we realize the immensity of such a monumental task, and often shrink back, thinking there’s no way I can make a difference. However, we discovered that is not true. You really can make a difference.

Every month River of Life Church sends thousands of dollars across the globe and impacts thousands of lives. We have partners in Indonesia, Poppies Kitchen, whose sole purpose is to help street children find homes and feeds the bellies of over 600 village children weekly. In Africa, as we speak, our partners, New Frontiers and Linda’s Kids, are providing health care right in the middle of the bush. We helped build a state-of-the-art clinic that quite literally saves the lives of countless people daily. Also, we helped build a school and  churches that not only provide education, but also provide meals young ones would not get otherwise. In Honduras, our partners, Westside Ministries, are providing safe drinking water, health care and schools and meeting a plethora of other needs all over the country. We have partners in the Philippines, China, India, Nepal and Nicaragua helping meet the same basic needs. In fact, in Nepal, we just provided clothing and coats for several young ladies who were rescued from the sex-slave industry. They were rescued wearing only the clothes on their backs.

We agree the task is monumental, but as you can see, needs are being met. This year we are taking on a village in Teculutan, Guatemala. When we heard kids were digging through rubbish in a local trash dump to find their next meal, we decided that was unacceptable. So, we are going to do something about it. 

We discovered that the only way we can truly impact the globe, is if we partner together and join hands. We want to invite you to join hands with us so we can reach even further. Would you consider partnering with us to not just impact our community but the entire world?

If you would like to partner with River Of Life Church and help make a difference, you can give electronically through our website at and click the green button icon that says “give” at the bottom of our homepage. Or simply make a check payable to River of Life Church, 2225 N. Temple Ave., Starke, FL 32091 and mail it. Or simply just stop on by. 

We want to thank you for taking your time to read this letter and considering a partnership with us to impact the entire globe!

Changing the World Together, 

Pastor Terry Clark

River of Life Church