Opposed to assessment in Starke

Dear Editor:

The recent article regarding a possible fire assessment was interesting in that the county commission never brings up the subject of providing for a county fire department without some mention of imposing the same fees on citizens and businesses in the city of Starke.

This time, the mention is that there would be different assessments on residences and commercial properties, and, since most commercial properties in the county are inside the city of Starke, they would not be able to assess them unless the city leaders agreed to impose such assessments to help the county.

The city commission should simply reject this idea as citizens and businesses in Starke already pay heavy taxes to the county while paying to maintain our own city fire department, which gets called outside the city to practically all motor vehicle accidents

 If fire department assessments are needed to provide for a county department, it should only be imposed on county residents who choose to live outside the city of Starke. 


James D. Powell