Let there be light

Dear Editor,

I have friends that visit me from Georgia, and they always want to know why our town is so dark. As I have paid more attention recently, I have to agree. The problem is not that we don’t have lights, it is because they are the wrong kind. If you travel down 301 near downtown, you will notice we have the yellow, sodium lights. Please tell any city commissioner you see that we need the white, LED lighting or metal halide like you see on ball fields.

The second issue with lighting is at the bypass at 100 and SR 16 exits. The issue there is that we have no lighting. I have talked to FDOT, and they are in agreement that it should have been done when they installed the bypass. I sent an email to the governor and his office assured me that there is a project in June to address this issue. I encourage each of you to contact the governor’s office to make sure this is done.

Wayne Blankenship