Laurels for EMS

Dear Editor:

Applause! Shout-Outs! Kudos! Accolades! Laurels! To Bradford County EMS!

On Labor Day, I awakened to find my husband of 52 years on the floor. He was unresponsive/incoherent. Our son called EMS, 911. In just a few minutes they were at our Lake Hampton Oaks residence. Medic 9 and Engine 90 quickly checked his blood sugar which was 34. I had never in all my years seen anything like this! He has been an insulin dependent diabetic for at least 4 decades! All four responders worked together to bring him around, loaded him up and transported him to Starke’s North Florida ER. These people worked efficiently yet in a manner that kept me calm. Engine 90 firemen reminded me that anytime a resident is down, a 911 call brings immediate help to lift the ailing person. This might be a simple slip or trip and fall with no transport needed.

Flash forward, still on Labor Day, my husband had spent 8 days in North Florida battling pneumonia. Although he probably should have gone straight to Gainesville in the rescue unit with Medic 9, he begged to be seen and treated first in Starke. I brought him home about 5 hours later. Following a short nap, he decided it was time for his morning shower, and he fell in the shower and I could not get him up. I remembered the Engine 90 fireman saying they will always come to help lift..

I called 911. Very quickly Medic 2 responded. Two-young women followed me
back to the shower where my poor wet, but clean, husband laid all
crumpled up. These two paramedics together probably weighed less than my
husband, but their training allowed them to quickly get him safely
on his feet. Tensions were eased. Jokes shared. When they told him
he should go to North Florida to be checked out, he agreed.
He spent five more days in North Florida Regional Hospital with NO visitors because of Covid.

At the end of Labor Day, six Bradford County Emergency Medical Servers had been to our home to help us. They were professional, polite, persistent, and patient. They are serious about their work. I have taught for 52 years and I can spot good teamwork. It happens when intelligent people are committed to do their best for everyone.
As one paramedic from Medic 2 told me, “We all love what we do,
and we hold each other to higher standards every day”.
I thank God, once again, that I live in Bradford County.

Peg Stanwix-Hay
Lake Hampton Oaks