Hope delivers Christmas message

Jaydon and Jordan Ritchie (shepherds), Brandy Hillhouse (Mary), Mike Hillhouse (Joseph), and Afton Mann (shepherd). Pic: Michelle Adkins. Not pictured are supporting actors Kassy Hillhouse, Blayne Landon, Terry Denmark, Ernie Triest, Reise Feagle, Nate Feagle, Lucas Feagle, Tess Lowry, Lil Strickland, Tara Ritchie, Jacob Adkins, Alexander Adkins, Kyle Boyette, Felicia Johns, Elias Feagle, Lily Jordan, Bella Russell, Connor Godwin. Tech and visuals: Justin Feagle and Louis Mann. Staging and costumes: Connie Myers and Bill Ratliff. Director: Virginia Denmark, HBC Worship Leader. Pastor: Dr. Larry Strickland


Hope Baptist Church

Hope Baptist Church hosted its Christmas music and drama program, “The LAST First Christmas,” on Dec. 18. The cast included children, youth and adults who told the birth-of-Christ story as shared in the Bible.

The premise was with all the uncertainties we are living in today, what if this holiday season is the last time — the last year — we could have the opportunity to share the true story of Christmas — Jesus’ birth?

The setting began with a shopping mall scenario featuring an entrance for holiday pictures. That scene quickly transformed into the Nativity. The “Ho, Ho, Ho” above the arch became “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

Singing a total of 10 featured songs were Tara and Paul Ritchie, Brandi Hillhouse, Ernie Triest, Justin Feagle, Terry and Virginia Denmark. Scripture Narrator was Chris Lowry. Lead actors were Pat Waldrop and Virginia Denmark.