Health fair planned

Dear Editor:

Thank you for allowing me the awesome privilege of sharing my gratitude on how the local and  state government and faith leaders of Starke work hand in hand for the betterment of the people.  These agencies and faith leaders are vital to the health and wellness of their communities.

Our world, as we knew it, suffered many casualties pre- and post-COVID-19; our lives changed overnight from meeting with families face to face to quarantining in our homes and to socially connecting with loved ones via phone, zoom meetings and snail mail. Even that was a challenge. As our country dealt with the new norm, many communities lost their identity to function during the pandemic due to the loss of lives and job closures. Strict measures were made to preserve life as best we could. As we began to move towards recovery several years later, we had to re-educate our communities with vital information to jump start our economies and salvage what was left of our lives.

As we began to restructure our lives, state and local government agencies and our faith leaders were there to help us move forward. These agencies are the essential keys to promoting health and wellness, which in return would produce a thriving community. Many families were blessed to be able to receive food from local food banks and pantries. We can’t forget the countless number of medical support staff doctors and nurses and police and fire departments across America who worked tirelessly to keep us all safe. Our first responders were the glue for us all; they united us together to accomplish a monumental task at hand. You ask me what makes for a thriving healthy community? It’s these very agencies who serve and protect for the betterment of the people.

Our health and wellness fair is the venue we chose to continue to re-educate our communities with screenings, safety resources, pantry information, emergency preparedness, referrals, and networking. It is our goal to make this an annual event as we move forward in restoring the healthy balance in our lives. There are many state and local government agencies that are in place for the citizens of Starke. We’ve featured several for this year’s health fair, along with fun, food, and resources to better lives.

 I am reminded of how my mother once told me as a little girl, to much is given, much is required. When you know better, you must do better. These very words have been a driving force in my life as I also have chosen to do my part as a citizen to extend my hand with these very agencies in community service.  

As I look back over the past several years it testifies of the greatness of God and that we as a nation, when faced with difficult odds that challenge our way of life, link hand in hand to preserve life and posterity for all. There is no mountain we can’t climb.


  1. Johnson