Good folks out there

Dear Editor:

My sister-in-law had come for a visit and, while on her way home, her car died on State Road 100 near the Keystone Heights Airport road. I wasn’t able to come to her rescue, but a nice, young man stopped to help her. He checked her car out and determined it needed a belt. He brought her back to my house, where we called an auto parts store to make sure they would have the part for her car. He then took her from my house into Keystone, got the part, took her back to her car, and fixed her car.

The only thing I know about this young man is that his name is Justin. He refused any monetary offers for his time and effort. The only thing he asked in response was for us to pay it forward.

So, the next time I’m in a drive- through, I’ll see if I can’t lighten the next person’s load by picking up their tab. If I’m not able to help in cash, I can look around and see if someone is coming behind me and hold the door for an extra few seconds. Or give a genuine smile to a cashier or someone who may need it. 

This young man sure did brighten our day!

Jo Young

Keystone Heights