Girl to 911 operator: “Come now. Just come.’


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In a recording of a 911 call an 11-year-old girl made and subsequent callbacks from the operator to the caller, the girl refused to describe what was happening in the home and simply asked deputies to come to the Lawtey home as soon as possible.

When deputies arrived at the Northeast 17th Avenue address, they discovered three deceased victims who died of gunshot wounds: Wynshay Roddy, 25, Danesha Sims, 27, and Quinqune Robinson, 49.

Johnnie Bernard Brown, 46, was booked into the Alachua County Jail on three counts of second-degree murder Tuesday morning.

According to an incident report, Brown told a Bradford sheriff’s detective that he and Robinson were in an argument that escalated into a physical altercation.

“Brown stated that Roddy and Sims joined the altercation and came at him with knives,” wrote a detective. “Brown stated that he retrieved the firearm and began firing toward Roddy, Robinson, and Sims. Brown stated that the three began running, and he ‘went mad’ and continued to fire.”

The defendant also said the injuries on his arm were caused by the women attempting to cut him with knives.

The detective reported that Sims was found with a knife in her hand and that two other knives were found on the floor near the victims.

The report also said the child said that Grandpa, identified as Brown, was hurting Grandma (Robinson) and her two aunts, and Grandpa said they should have stayed out of it.

The report also said that the child had a small mark on her shoulder and a slight hole in her shirt.

“Several metallic fragments were taken out of (her) shoulder,” deputies wrote.  

In the first 911 call, the child says some inaudible words to the operator. The child then screams, and Brown can be heard in the background shouting, “Ya’ll jumped on me in the house.”

A woman can be heard saying, “Don’t hurt me.”

The first call is then terminated, the operator calls back, and the 11-year-old answers.

Operator: “This is Jennifer from the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office. We received a 911 call from this phone number. Is everything okay?”

Child: “No. Come now.”

Operator: “What’s going on?”

Child: “Come now. Just come.”

The second call is terminated, and the operator calls back twice, once receiving a voice mail greeting. On the second call, the child answers again, and the operator asks for a street address. While the girl is responding, the audio ends.