Ex-boyfriend arrested for aggravated stalking


STARKE— Anthony Joe Akin, 48, of Starke was arrested by Bradford deputies on Sept. 20 for the April 30 offense of aggravated stalking.

According to court papers, the defendant’s ex-girlfriend told deputies she broke up with the 48-year-old after a two-year romantic relationship because of his anger and that she was afraid of him.

After the breakup, a friend of the victim allowed the woman to stay with her.

A sworn complaint by the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office lists the ex-girlfriend as a victim, in addition to the friend and the confidant’s boyfriend.

The ex-girlfriend’s new roommate told a deputy that after she allowed the woman to stay with her, “Anthony began calling and texting her phone constantly.”

“(The victim) stated that Anthony has made threats such as ‘putting a hit’ on her and following her or having someone follow her along with saying ‘it’s going to get bad’ and ‘stay out of her business’,’ wrote Bradford Corporal Jason Swaggerty in a sworn complaint.

The ex-girlfriend allowed Swaggerty to listen to a voicemail left by the defendant on her phone.

In the message, the defendant described the whereabouts of the ex-girlfriend and her friend the previous day. The voicemail sender also said, “I’m not playing with you guys anymore”, “Things are about to get serious”, and “You are not protected.”

The three victims also said they have seen the defendant lurking around the friend’s Sampson Lake home and has threatened to get a boat, anchor it near the friend’s dock and remain there “24/7.”