Cosmetology teacher corrects the record

Dear Editor:

I am the cosmetology instructor at North Florida Technical College. There have been rumors stating I moved to Starke because of the teaching position at NFTC. This is not true. I was downsizing to a home in preparation for my retirement and fell in love with my little house and the community. I very much wanted to be an active citizen of the community through my passion for teaching.

I have been teaching cosmetology at NFTC for two years. The recent article, “College Closes the Cosmetology Program,” stated that “the cosmetology instructor had spoken of leaving the program.” I never said I was leaving the cosmetology program.  I indicated on the Re-Appointment Intent form that I wanted to return for the 2022–23 school year.  I have been committed to Bradford County School District, North Florida Technical College, my students and our salon clientele. I have consistently worked toward strengthening the cosmetology program. As for funding, while it is true there are no grants available, our service sales from the salon clientele has been on the upswing. Given time, we could have produced the necessary funds to cover the cost of supplies. It was my intention to remain with the NFTC cosmetology program until my retirement in 2032. Once again, never did I say I was leaving. This must have been some sort of misunderstanding in communication. I am committed to BCSD, NFTC and my students. 

Thank you,

Laura Zoch