Cemetery solutions

Dear Editor:

Since the Telegraph had an article dealing with the lack of attention to keeping up the Crosby Lake Cemetery, I have heard from several people expressing their concern for something to be done. 

I know that when I moved to Starke, some of the churches were involved in handling the cemetery, apparently part of the wishes of the late DeWitt C. Jones, who handed over control of the cemetery to the community. I do not know what happened to cause the churches to back off of support, but it is obvious that most churches in town have former members who are interred there, and church members who are the families of those buried in the cemetery.  

I would suggest that churches could become involved in supporting the cemetery through budgeting for annual donations, asking for special offerings, or having fund-raising events. 

Another solution would be for the county or city to assume control of the cemetery and use inmates to do the yard work and maintenance as they do for other city or county properties.  Some do-gooders would accuse us of abusing the inmates by such use, but commonly, the inmates would rather have the opportunity to be outside doing some work, as opposed to sitting in a cell 24/7 with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs. 

I have been told that a few families with members buried in the cemetery reportedly make annual contributions for its maintenance, but that support is certainly not sufficient. It is time for the community to get involved as the Crosby Lake Cemetery is a much-used and needed community asset.

James D. Powell