Bank president on changes and the future

To the Broader Starke Community:

Many of you may already know, but as of Nov. 13, 2023, the former Community State Bank has been renamed DLP Bank. What does DLP stand for? “Dream, Live, Prosper,” and that’s the focus of our bank’s vision—a commitment to delivering a banking experience that helps you, our local community residents, to dream bigger, live better, and prosper. As the new president of DLP Bank, I’d like to give a warm welcome to the Starke community that I’m now calling home. My decades in banking leadership have included some of the nation’s top banks, but I have always gravitated to community banking. For me, the difference between the financial giants and the likes of DLP Bank is that our community bank can truly make an impact on the lives of our customers. It will be incumbent upon me, together with other talented DLP Bank leadership, to make that impact felt more than ever. And we have big plans.

As part of our rebranding, DLP Bank has introduced a new logo that transforms the DLP letters into a percentage sign, reflecting the “percenting up” of our services. We will be greatly improving our technologies, including mobile apps and online banking, in an effort to make your banking experience seamless from wherever you might be.

In other exciting news, we plan to open a lending production office in nearby St. Augustine. Given the infusion of capital from our new holding company, DLP Bancshares, we have been able to invest heavily in new technologies, products, and services. At the helm of that effort is DLP Bancshares’ lead investor, Don Wenner, who also serves as founder and CEO of DLP Capital, a real estate investment and financial services firm that has built a track record of success and community outreach for 17 years.

It’s because of that type of success and commitment to community that I knew DLP Bank was right for me. I believe that banking is a noble profession, and I consider it a banker’s job to help local residents make smart financial decisions that will improve their lives—and that of their communities. I hope you’ll join us at DLP Bank—if you have not already.

Tom Fontaine

President, DLP Bank