Additional Keystone lifters will advance to Region 2 meet

Kyle Perkins, who was the Olympic and traditional District 7-1A runner-up in 183-pound class, earned at-large Region 2 bids in both events. Keystone had 12 Olympic lifters in all receive at-large bids, while 11 received traditional at-large bids.


The unofficial list of at-large Region 2-1A boys weightlifter qualifiers was released March 31, with the result being that all of Keystone Heights High School’s 20 Olympic lifters who competed at the District 7 meet will advance and all but one of the Indians’ 20 traditional lifters will advance.

Suwannee High School will host the Region 2 meet on Saturday, April 6, at 10 a.m.

Keystone’s district champions automatically qualified: Tyson Baxter (119-pound class) in both Olympic and traditional, Colton Hollingsworth (129) in traditional, Wyatt Van Zant (139) in both Olympic and traditional, Davin Adams (154) in both Olympic and traditional, Ben Ulsch (169) in both Olympic and traditional, Zane Leger (199) in both Olympic and traditional, Jayden Goodman (219) in both Olympic and traditional, Trey Jeffries (238) in both Olympic and traditional and Tyler Duncan (unlimited) in Olympic.

The rest of the team then had to wait to see how their totals fared against lifters in the region’s three other districts, which would determine at-large qualifiers.

Keystone’s at-large Olympic qualifiers were Hollingsworth, Andrew Ulsch (119), Jed Tisdale (129), Declan Shine (139), Jackson Parmeter (154), Layton Wright (169), Kyle Perkins (183), Clayton Shaw (183), Trace Wooden (199), Bryson Wester (219), Jackson Herman (238) and Brayden Wester (unlimited).

Earning at-large berths in traditional were Tisdale, Shine, Wright, Perkins, Shaw, Duncan, Andrew Ulsch, Brayden Wester, Bryson Wester, Damien Dunlap (154) and Brayden Hall (238).