A response

Dear Editor:

The recent letter in the Telegraph regarding the Jan. 6 Investigation Committee was certainly not factual. It read like it was written by a Nancy Pelosi (I call her PeeLousy) lapdog. The writer praised the committee and its “hearsay witnesses” testimony as if it were perhaps more true than the Bible itself. Obviously this writer is of the political persuasion in power in Washington today that believes in destroying your enemy regardless of how low you have to stoop to do so. He stated in his letter that Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy refused to place Republicans on this sham committee, which is an outright lie as McCarthy named several Republican Congressmen to the committee, only to have PeeLousy remove them and refuse to let Republicans serve on the committee except for two who had been voting with Democrats/Socialists on all issues. The committee is not conducting an investigation with two sides being represented, but rather it is a forum for Trump haters who hope to keep him from running for president again in 2024. When I say those in power will try to destroy you if you disagree with them a good example is when the “hearsay witness” testified that Trump attacked his Secret Service team in the vehicle when they were transporting him back to the White House on that day. When the Secret Service agents who were actually there disputed the “hearsay” testimony by someone who was not there, then Merrick Garland and the DOJ attacked the agents and started an “investigation” into Secret Service people and text messages and emails. Sen. Mitch McConnell provided an unheralded advantage to the American people when he blocked Merrick Garland from joining the U. S. Supreme Court. As Attorney General, Merrick Garland has proven himself to be more corrupt than Janet Reno, who spent eight years protecting the Clintons, prosecuting police officers and not criminals and conducting a massacre of people in a Waco compound for no apparent reason; more corrupt than Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch who covered for Barack Obama and sent the FBI to bring false accusations against Trump and his associates. The letter writer also said Trump refused to call out the National Guard on Jan. 6, again a falsehood, as President Trump had the National Guard on standby, but the people in charge of security for the Capitol had to actually ask for their presence, and again PeeLousy was in charge of this security and refused the use of the National Guard. The president would have had to declare a state of “martial law” to personally send the National Guard in to handle the situation. Voters going to the polls in November need to help us purge Washington of the dishonesty and deceit now in power in the person of Creepy Joe and his Socialists.

James D. Powell