10-digit dialing active in 904 area code


Telegraph Editor

Last week, permissive 10-digit dialing began for customers using the 904 area code to prepare for the February 2024 launch of the region’s new 324 area code overlay.

Last year, the Florida Public Service Commission approved the additional area code to accommodate the demand for new numbers in growing Jacksonville and surrounding communities.

The area code 324 will be overlaid in the same northeast Florida region covered by the 904 area code, which includes all or part of Nassau, Duval, Baker, Bradford, Clay, St. Johns and Union counties.

Because two area codes will serve the same geographic area, a new 10-digit dialing procedure will be required. Dialing all 10 digits of the phone number will be necessary to complete a call. The area code, once unnecessary when making a “local call,” will now be essential.

As of July 31, callers should begin using all 10 digits, although there will be a grace period during which calls will still be completed when dialing seven numbers.

However, beginning Jan. 29, 2024, callers must dial all 10 digits, even when making calls in the same area code. If you dial seven numbers, a recording will instruct you to hang up and dial again using your area code.

This will all take place in advance of numbers being issued with the new 324 area code. New lines will be assigned that area code beginning Feb. 26, 2024.

Please note that the new dialing procedure may require some automatic dialing technology to be updated. Examples include life safety systems, security systems, call forwarding settings, voice mail services, etc., if they are currently programmed to dial a seven-digit telephone number.


—your telephone number, including your current area code, will not change.

—the price of a call will not change due to the overlay.

—a local call will remain a local call regardless of the number of digits dialed.

—you can still dial services like 911 using three digits.